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流媒体服务彻底改变了媒体内容的消费方式, 尤其是在体育直播方面. 为体育迷提供高质量的流媒体体验并非易事, 流媒体公司必须采取几项基本措施.

这些从源视频本身开始, 哪个应该提供最大可能的分辨率, 帧率, 音频质量. 毕竟,一流的视频来源很可能会产生类似质量的最终产品. 此外,使用正确的视频压缩格式是关键,无论是H.264 (avc), h.265 (HEVC)、AV1或VVC. 这些尖端的压缩技术即使在低比特率下也能保持视频的完整性. 此外, 通过实现自适应比特率流, 公司可以在可用带宽范围内为观众提供最佳的视频质量.

最后一个, critical component in delivering top-tier live sports content to audiences is media content monitoring at all critical points in the video processing and delivery path. 考虑到现场直播的体育赛事是收费的, 实时事件, 媒体公司不能在识别流媒体问题上有任何延迟. A comprehensive monitoring system must be in place to allow for immediate detection and swift resolution of any problems — from audio and video quality to missed ad opportunities.

在本文中, we explore the current hurdles faced by streaming media companies in providing a superior quality of experience (QoE) for live sports, 以及监控如何提高对内容的整体满意度和参与度, 在最大化收益的同时. 除了, we preview forthcoming challenges in live sports streaming and innovations in monitoring technology that will assist streaming companies in tackling future demands.


对观看体验产生负面影响的几个问题都源于压缩, 初始的高比特率提要在哪里经历编码和转码过程, 将其转换为具有较低比特率的流. 在这个转换过程中, 可能会出现压缩工件, 导致宏阻塞, 像素, 模糊强度, 以及背景噪音的裁剪.

转码过程还可能引入与封闭字幕相关的错误. 标题的时间或格式可能不正确,或者完全省略. 这些错误不仅降低了观看体验, 但也可能违反美国联邦通信委员会制定的规定, 要求所有视频节目的字幕都是封闭的.

音频也不例外. 音频和视频的同步可能会出现问题, 不平衡的音频水平-特别是杜比音频, 声音可能太大或太软——广告中的声音问题. 在美国.S., the CALM Act stipulates that commercials must maintain the same average volume as the programs they accompany. 因此, streaming media companies are responsible for ensuring consistent audio levels throughout both programming 和广告.


在体育直播领域,广告通常是主要的收入来源. 因此, ad insertion — the process of integrating ads into video content — is a vital element of the workflow. 然而, ad insertion is becoming an increasingly complex process as operators need to customize ads to specific regions or even individual users.

今天, 有两种插入AD的方法, 一个是动态广告插入(DAI),它促进了实时广告投放, 以观看者的信息为指导. 这种方法可以确保内容包含最相关的广告, 从而提高观众的参与度. 服务器端广告插入(SSAI), 另一方面, 包括在服务器层面将广告拼接到视频流中. 虽然流媒体公司可能不知道广告将在哪里播放, 这种方法减少了AD阻滞剂干扰给药的可能性.

广告插入的过程并非没有挑战. Seamlessly embedding ads without causing abrupt transitions or buffering delays is essential — especially when it comes to premium content such as live sports — as is guaranteeing that the appropriate set of ads reaches the right geographical location or individual user. 另外, 最大化每个广告插入机会, streaming media providers must verify adherence to their ad policy governing the number and duration of ads placed per hour. 这一点至关重要,因为任何未能投放的广告都会导致收入损失.


成功应对体育直播的多方面挑战, 媒体公司需要一个全面的监控解决方案. 这个解决方案必须不仅包括音频和视频质量, 还有字幕的QA流程, 关闭字幕, 和AD插入-所有在一个统一的平台,提供一个总体视图.

持续监控在体育直播工作流的所有重要阶段都是至关重要的, 包括视频采集, 原始服务器, CDN, 边点. 这种持续的警惕是必要的,因为现场体育赛事是实时展开的. 视频被捕获的那一刻, it is delivered; there's no opportunity to form a file and then pass it through a QC system to check for issues.

By employing a centralized dashboard that gathers data from all points in the workflow and presents it as a single, 有凝聚力的视图, 流媒体公司可以在事件发生时跟踪整个网络的视频质量. 如果出现错误,仪表板将查明问题的确切性质和位置. This immediate insight makes root cause analysis and troubleshooting much swifter and more straightforward.

Such a real-time monitoring strategy empowers companies to tackle problems before they negatively affect viewers. 它还通过先发制人防止潜在的违规行为,帮助遵守有关条例. 这种内聚, all-encompassing approach to quality assurance is a pivotal aspect of delivering flawless live sports streaming experiences.


用于体育直播, 延迟仍然是当前的一个突出问题,也是未来的一个持续挑战, 尤其是在进球这样的关键时刻, 次达阵, 或者在NBA比赛中扣篮. 不久前, the inconvenience of latency — even up to a minute or two — was often outweighed by the novelty of streaming a sports event. 然而,现代观众对延迟的容忍度已经下降,期望却飙升. 今天, 观众希望在剧情展开的过程中见证剧情的发展, 尤其是当他们在体育赛事期间同时与社交媒体互动时. 类似的, 在过去,不合格的视频质量可能是可以接受的, 今天的观众需要超高清的视频流.

另一个复杂的挑战来自于越来越多的多平台流媒体实践, where content is simultaneously broadcast on various live streaming and video hosting platforms worldwide. 观众遍布全球, streaming media companies must ensure that content is properly prepared for a uniform quality of experience, 即使在带宽可能受限的区域-这可能导致缓冲, 像素, 视频质量降低. 此外, 提供评论, 字幕, 或者多种语言的图形需要小心地集成到流中, while delivering accurate live captions in real time can be an intricate and resource-intensive process. 更复杂的是, streaming media companies must ensure that content streams seamlessly across a variety of devices, 屏幕尺寸, 以及操作系统.

此外, 备受瞩目的体育赛事吸引了越来越多的观众, 需要可伸缩的内容准备和交付基础设施,以避免崩溃. 类似的, streaming media companies must invest in scalable QC and monitoring solutions to enable load balancing when needed, 保证交通高峰时的平稳运行. 体育直播的流行也使它们容易受到盗版的影响, 哪些因素会冲淡授权流的水质, 确保内容不受未经授权的访问.

应对这些挑战需要不断创新, 以及结合技术专长的综合方法, 先进的基础设施, 以及对观众期望的深刻理解.


为了跟上体育直播的发展趋势, 以及世界各地体育爱好者不断升级的期望, 流媒体公司必须在质量控制和监控方面不懈努力. They need to persist in employing sophisticated testing and monitoring tools to guarantee low-latency delivery and superior resolutions for a more immersive viewing experience. 这必须与高质量质量标准保持一致, 包括音频, video, 关闭字幕, 和广告. 幸运的是,已经出现了有助于这些努力的创新工具.

5G技术的广泛采用将使流媒体公司能够利用其功能, 特别是对于低延迟流. 除了, AI-driven automation, although in its nascent stage, is set to increase exponentially. 许多媒体处理功能将由人工智能管理, 利用算法自动分析问题内容, 进行实时质量评估, 并产生可操作的见解.

此外,内容感知监控即将出现. 在编码方面, 它将带来卓越的视频质量, 多亏了能够检查内容的新兴技术, discern its type — such as live sports versus talk shows — and automatically allocate the optimal bitrate for the highest video quality.

有了这些技术, media companies are well-equipped to continuously refine their offerings as the landscape for live streaming sports evolves, 确保为全球粉丝提供无缝且引人入胜的观看体验.

[编者注:这是来自 Interra系统. 流媒体接受供应商署名完全基于它们对我们读者的价值.]

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