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What Do OTT Consumers Want?

What does the data tell us about OTT consumer preferences and trends, and how can platform providers interpret it to improve reach and reduce churn? 首席执行官埃文•夏皮罗 ESHAP, discusses these questions with Jon Giegengack, Principal and Founder, Hub Entertainment 研究, and Paul Erickson, Founder and Principal, 埃里克森的策略 & 的见解, in this clip from their panel at 流媒体 Connect 2023.

夏皮罗指出,Giegengack和Hub Entertainment 研究定期对消费者的娱乐偏好进行调查. 他问, “From looking back over the last two years of your surveys, what do you think the consumer is saying to us right now?”

Giegengack说,虽然人们正在使用各种娱乐百家乐软件, 视频占据了主导地位. “It peaked last year at a little more than seven sources per person,他说. “这是今年第一次下降到6个多一点, but that's still the second-highest number we've ever seen. So, people are availing themselves of all of these different options. They're kind of creating their own bundles, their own stacks of video services, some of them that do similar things.”

然而, Giegengack说,虽然人们对可供选择的数量之多感到兴奋, the vast array of choices has become an issue. “他们在24小时内试图使用的东西的数量造成了这种环境,他们有两个问题,他说. 一个是复杂性. 所以任务就是尝试使用所有这些平台,这些平台不一定存在于一个bundle中.” The other issue, he says, is rooted in value. “People are a lot more willing to spend on TV than they are some other things. But as these stacks get bigger, 他们不太愿意拿着传单去尝试一个新的付费平台,只是为了看看它是什么样的. And they're thinking a lot harder about, ‘Am I getting enough value out of this or enough utility for what I'm paying?’ That's different than how much something costs. 有些东西比其他东西贵,但人们仍然认为它们更有价值,因为它们有更好的效用. But I think they're looking with a lot keener eye at, ‘Am I getting enough use out of this platform [for it] to be worth it?“如果他们没有, 他们更有可能放弃它,把钱转移到不同的地方.”

夏皮罗讨论了他最近看到的一项研究,该研究将媒体的使用数字按年龄人口统计和价值进行了分解. “35岁以下的消费者有16种免费和付费的服务,他们经常使用,他说. “35岁以上有11个. 但这两种情况下, out of all the 'must-have' media that they have, only half of that 16 is considered must-have, which means the other half is at risk on an ongoing basis.”

夏皮罗问埃里克森, “When you look out across the data you've seen with the clients that you have, 你认为是什么有效地将(用户)从“最好拥有”转变为“必须拥有”?’ Are you seeing different platforms, 程序员, 或者发行商利用不同的内容或包装来改变他们的服务, but disposable’ to that ‘must have’ column?

“That's a magic question for a lot of services,” Erickson says. “You have what they can do within their own content portfolio, which is to get better at personalization, 确保他们为观众提供优质的服务……这是OTT的一个持续存在的问题,因为将它与传统付费电视进行比较有点不公平,因为将人们锁定在其中的动力永远不会与传统付费电视相同……”


埃里克森说:“人们总是更容易离开OTT服务,这是自然而然的。. “所以我认为,展望未来,我们会看到某些非常小众的服务做得很好. So we know that people are very interested in certain niches, 如果没有他们喜欢的节目,他们通常愿意离开一项服务. So you get strength in collaboration…I mean, you've done the most you can do personalization-wise, you have figured out how to really engage your particular viewership. Then the next extension beyond that sometimes is to find out, “好吧, so what can we do from a packaging perspective? 在我们自己的公司投资组合中,我们可以从其他公司做些什么,以使集体最有效?“所以我认为我们将看到这些捆绑包和合作的发展,这是一种扩展你在自己的内容组合中所能做的事情的方式.”

Learn more about a wide range of streaming industry topics at the next 流媒体 Connect in November 2023.

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